Saturday, August 05, 2017

Shocking Video: Two Drunk men bodies recovered after falling into 2000 feet deep valley

Shocking Video: Two Drunk men bodies recovered after falling into 2000-ft deep valley

Mumbai: Two Drunk men died after falling into a 2,000 feet deep valley in Amboli Ghat of Maharashtra State. A video of their fall in valley has gone viral on social media Networking Sites. The body of Youth was recovered today, police said. The incident took place at Kawale Saad Point in Amboli Ghat on August 1, they said.

Pratap Rathod (21) and Imran Garadi(26), who were part of a group of seven member friends, fell into the deep valley four days ago. All friends worked at a poultry farm in Kolhapur, police official said.

According to police Statement that their friends left the Kawale Saad Point of Valley after spending some time, Both of them stopped there only and made some fun holding bottles in their hands. Their friends taking video while they were climbing fence around the edge of the valley and back tracking one more time.

Then both of them standing on the edge, beyond the valley fence and slipping down, which is circulating video on social media shows, when their friends caputured the Video. Due to Heavy rain the Police and shopkeepers Hill Riders Group to search for the duo. The two bodies were spotted down and recovered in the deep valley, the officer said.